Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alizarin @ Indigo's

Featuring Alizarin's big new kinetic sculpty art called PINK PLINK in which a very slow ping-pong texture script combines with an alpha-fade and the sculpty shape to create a liquid evanescent look. Listen for a chorus of delicate sounds. Right click and choose Air Ballet to swoop inside - the piece rides up to 7 avatars, so bring your friends and have an air party! Reception June 4, 3 pm PDT.

PINK PLINK is accompanied by a thoughtful selection of 2 and 3 D work from Alizarin's portfolio.

Save some time to fly around Helvellyn and the neighboring sims. It is an unusally coherent community united by a shared sense of style, a real pleasure to visit!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neat new freebie at Builder's Brewery

Soror and Ali at the Builder's Brewery Show & Tell today.

Jeran42 Claxton of the Builder's Brewery Group has just set an in-world scultpy texture maker out as a freebie at the Builder's Brewery store:

It consists of 64 points which you arrange to make your shape, and then it converts the points to a colored HUD which you take a screen shot of. You edit the screen shot in Photoshop and import it as a sculpty texture. TY Jeran!

Look for a square with blue arrows on each side on an upper shelf in the freebie area.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

~EXPERIENCE ART~ at Ars Simulacra

I have five pieces in this extemely comprehensive show. SLurls to my work here:
Mahakala: oops, couldn't find it

The opening is Friday, May 8th, at 6pm SLT@ Ars Simulacra on the NMC Campus.

The show was curated by Tayzia Abattoir, and the theme is "Watch...Listen...Intereact~EXPERIENCE ART~" It includes SL/RL composer/artist collaborative art, kinetic art, static sculpture, interactive art, light- and glow-enabled art and more!

Main SLurl:

Musician Winters Kanto will be performing on the piano beginning at 6pm. His style of music is Tango Ballad, Bossa, Jazz, and Boleros. Winters also plays Classical Music , Chopin, Bethoven, and Mozart at his concerts.

Artists in this sim-wide exhibit include:
Spiral Walcher, Suzanne Graves, Madcow Cosmos, vanfarel Kupfer, Elizabeth Tinsley, Alizarin Goldflake/Flivelwitz Alsop, Native Aeon, Binary Quandry, nand Nerd, Pol Jarvinen, Kolor Fall, nessuno myoo, Golam Amadeus, Sunn Thunders, Glyph Graves, Elizabeth Tinsley, Oberon Onmura, Gleman Jun, Colt Parx, Misprint Thursday, Andrek Lowell, Treacle Darlandes/Nicolaus Skytower, Binary Quandry/Nicolaus Skytower, and Ub Yifu/Nicolaus Skytower.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Musical Kinetics Premiere

Accomplished SL artists Alizarin Goldflake and Flivelwitz Alsop combine their talents in a sparkling new show of kinetic 2-D sculptures each with unique music. The series was inspired by the art and music of five Asian countries: China, Japan, India, Tibet, and Mongolia. Come feast your eyes on Alizarin's scintillating animated textures and amaze your ears with Flivel's complex compositions - hard to believe they were all created with the little 10 second loops that SL allows! Walk up close to each piece to activate the music.

Other Atelier Alizarin Attractions: immersive art in Sky Studio Day & Sky Studio Night; The Particularium on the third floor, RL digital drawings on the second floor, and 2-D digital art on the first floor. Have a soothing float in the pool on the west patio and then wander down into the park and experience the electrifying "Phosphoressence."