Sunday, June 28, 2009

Acquarella at Kelly Yap Gallery: the WATER show

I have work in WATER, a group show at Kelly Yap Art Gallery, which runs from June 26 to August 15, 2009. The Opening wil be Saturday, July 4, at 5pm SLT, featuring DJ Eifachfilm Vacirca. Fireworks at 6:30!

Join us for a 4th of July celebration and take in this incredibly inventive show of some of SL's best artists' interpretations of the theme. Be sure to notice the completely redesigned gallery, a work of art in itself.
My piece is called "Acquarella" and is installed on the roof. TP or fly up or take the elevator to the fourth floor. It is populated with moving goldfish, angelfish, and neon tetras - take one of the three pose balls and swim with the fish! Notice the lily pads gently bobbing in the water and the weeds waving in the SL wind. Everything in this build is a digital drawing done by hand with Corel Painter.

Other artists in this show are: Borges19 Oh, Isobel Gustafson, Francis Bagration, Morgana Nagorski, Miso Susanowa, Physeter Nicholls, Bau Uhr, Dacob Paine, Pol Jarvinen, Raisin Runo, Ainsworth Gastel, Fuschia Nightfire, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Simon Zenfold & LawnDart Curtiss.

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