Thursday, November 5, 2009

Caerleon Interactive Collaboration Opening

THE VANISHING - Invitation to the Caerleon Interaction Collaboration opening!
***Sunday, November 8th, at 1 pm PDT***

THE VANISHING is a Caerleon Island artists collaboration on the theme of Interaction. As we found, the ultimate interaction is creating with a group of your friends! Team leader: Artistide Despres. Artists in alphabetical order include: Alizarin Goldflake, FreeWee Ling, Lollito Larkham, Mencius Watts, Miso Susanowa, Pete Jiminy, and Pixels Sideways.

The Caerleon Interactivity Collaboration is based on the following plot line: a newbie enters a strange land called Second Life. Things seem familar here, yet quite different. Setting off down the path, our traveller tries to search for an understanding of this new environment but along the way mysteriously disappears. Follow his/her path. Enter the maze and discover the journal, look for clues, and try to find out what may have happened...

THE VANISHING explores the role that interaction plays in a virtual environment. We’ve created a story as a representation of how each of us may have begun our journey into Second Life. We invite you to walk through the various scenes and see for yourself what our avatar friend has discovered.

THE WELCOME AREA: your interaction begins by deciding the appearance of your avatar representative.

THE MAZE: confusion reigns at the beginning of our search. But if you read the clues you will find prizes!

THE FOREST: sounds and avatar-activated color shifts create a mysterious mood. Try dancing in the moonbeam for a nice interaction. Look for poses in other objects.

THE CANYON: see how interaction can occur from SL to the real world beyond.

THE MINE: explores the many interactions that can occur between objects.

THE FACTORY: creates a role that our friend experiences and leads us to a conclusion.

THE CONCLUSION: if you are able to find it you will discover what happened to our friend.

Other areas wait to be discovered, too. Look for hidden side paths. The road you take is your own.

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  1. Hey Ali! Wonderful working with you! I just want to add a URL for the Koinup photo set for people to enjoy: