Saturday, March 6, 2010

PARTY to celebrate my NEW SKY STUDIO

I will host a party celebrating my new sky studio on Saturday, Saturday, March 20, 3 pm PDT.

The studio features 6 square galleries for Immersive Art best suited to midnight and two oblong galleries for work best seen in daylight. Each major build has its own dedicated space, but because of the way the doorways between galleries are offset from each other, glimpses of other art invite exploration. Although the studio is now consolidated on one floor, it actually consists of many more square meters.

Immersive Art is the featured genre, but many builds are flanked by the RL drawings that were their inspiration (available in RL at A case in point," Acquarella" is surrounded by The Big Pixels drawings recently shown at PiRats.

In the center of the new sky studio is an atrium with an elaborate grillwork dome. The visitor area, with seating, champagne, candles, flowers, and teleporters, is situated below. The gorgeous tropical plantings are courtesy of Juanita DeHaro's WATER,PONDS, RIVERS, WATERFALLS in Svidler.

The land music, classical guitar and flamenco as always, is provided by an iRadio Tunie HUD, available from Zenvendof Zeno, and goes really well with the salsa animation in the dance HUD.

FREE bouquet of lupines to celebrate the first day of spring!

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