Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CHEZ ALI Grand Opening

View of Chez Ali from the south. Particle emitters! Paper Lanterns!And much more!

I am pleased to announce the grand opening on Saturday, November 27, at 3 pm SL time, of CHEZ ALI! The shop features an eclectic mix of beautiful garden items, furniture, particle emitters, personal accessories, and more, all of which are derived from my art and studio builds. They retain what some have called "the unique and deliciously ethereal quality" of my artwork but are also practical items for your SL home, garden, or avatar. Start your holiday shopping here! Gift wrapping at no charge (look under the Christmas tree on the first floor).

Pick up your free Skate skates by soror Nishi on the North Patio.

The North Garden has Hoar Frost and Snowflake particle emitters and a cool snow cave you can hibernate in.

Tapestries and the Arizona Chairs and Table set on the South Patio.

The Greenwoods Collection of furniture can be found on the first floor. Elegant shapes and upholstery and high-quality Bits and Bobs furniture animations.

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