Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ophion's Egg

Ginger Alsop just released a new machinima of favs from the January submissions to the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. It features the works of soror Nishi, Oberon Onmura, Gleman Jun, Suzanne Graves, kyra Roxan, Claudia222 Jewell, mcarp Mavendorf, Nino Vichan, Giovanna Cerise, Silene Christen, Loup Erin, Ginger Aslop and yours truly, Alizarin Goldflake.

Watch the video here:

About Ophion's Egg:
"In the beginning Eurynome, the Goddess of All Things, rose naked from Chaos, but found nothing substantial for her feet to rest upon, and therefore divided the sea from the sky, dancing lovely upon its waves. She danced toward the south, and the wind set in motion behind her seemed something new and apart with which to begin the work of creation. Wheeling about, she caught hold of this north wind, rubbed it between her hands, and behold! the great serpent Ophion. Eurynome danced to warm herself, wildly and more wildly, until Ophion, grown lustful, coiled about those divine limbs ..." -- Robert Graves

Ophion mated with Eurynome. In the form of a dove upon the waves, she laid the Cosmic Egg and bade him to incubate it by coiling seven times around until it split in two and hatched "all things that exist... sun, moon, planets, stars, the earth with its mountains and rivers, its trees, herbs, and living creatures." Then Ophion and Eurynome dwelt on Mt. Olympus until Ophion's boasting led Eurynome to banish him to the darkness below the earth.

Robert Graves in his book The Greek Myths (ISBN 0-14-017199-1) imaginatively reconstructs this Bronze-Age Pelasgian creation myth.

See the build in Second Life here:
Be sure to walk close and turn your sound on to hear the delicate music that is embedded in the piece.
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  1. TY soror. You had an important hand in making it - without your blender lessons, I couldn't have done the snake head. You are a GREAT teacher! Not to mention a very dear friend.