Friday, March 30, 2012

Acquarella: After the Apocalypse Opens at Split Screen

Dividni Shostakovich, curator of Split Screen Installation Space, will open Alizarin Goldflake's "Acquarella: After the Apocalypse (Chapters 1 & 2)" and Blue Tsuki's "Adagio" to the public on Sunday, April 1, 12 am PDT, at Split Screen. All are cordially invited to drop in anytime. The Reception Party will be Sunday, April 8, 1 - 2 pm PDT .

Alizarin & Blue:

"Acquarella: After the Apocalypse (Chapters 1 & 2)" is a metamorphosis of the first half of an InWorldz installation hosted by virtual art patron Jeri Rahja. The story is the same: the goddess Acquarella sets out to repopulate the dead ocean after the human race wipes out life on earth, but she makes a big mistake along the way. The story may be the same but the "set" has a fresh look. Although the Disaster chapter still sparkles with particle flames, the following new things have been added: the balcony entrance, the path of hot coals, the flaming lilypad stems, the thick black cloud, a totally different more allegorical soundscape, and the shape of the chapter container itself. The Perfection chapter has some new plants, a different layout, and now includes a spying monster named Homeland Security, which enhances the original idea that attempts at perfection carry the seeds of their own destruction within them.

"Adagio" is both meditation and vision. Growing out of a rippling red sea, trefoil Sab flowers emit dark elegant urns that float in a blood red sky, singing as they emit trails of golden particles the whole of their long and varied trajectories. Surrounding this ascension, ranks of solemnly turning windmills bear witness from darker waters, churning an unknown essence into the fiery sky. Magenta stalks rising from the center further suggest transcendence. A rich and sophisticated soundscape is integral to the build.

Both installations will be open throughout the month of April.

DIGITAL ART: Martha Jane Bradford
Web Site:
MJB Blog:

VIRTUAL ART: Alizarin Goldflake (Metaverse avatar of Martha Jane Bradford)
Atelier Alizarin (Second Life studio):
Anza Borrego Oak:
Acquarella:the Fable ( a Chantal Harvey machinima) (Chinese narration)
Metemspyche's Garden:
Requiem for Fukushima Daiichi:
Studio Tour:
The Maze:
The Mysterious Forest:
The Winter Bear:


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