Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performs in Orfeo's Oratorio

Saturday, October 31, 11 am PDT

The most unusual Halloween party ever! This combination of talents is not to be missed: a spectacular AVATAR ORCHESTRA METAVERSE performance in Alizarin Goldflake's celebrated ORFEO'S ORATORIO. Limited seating - come early! Wear your most outrageous costume and prepare to be astonished by theirs!

The Orchestra is a globe-wide collaboration of artists that uses the Second Life platform as an instrument itself. Members conceive, design, and build their own virtual instruments which allow them to trigger independent sounds in real time. Visuals and animations are also included, making a performance of the jumping, hovering, dancing, twirling Avatar Orchestra Metaverse a truly spellbinding event.

Orfeo’s Oratorio is a virtual amusement park with an Upper World/Underworld theme, featuring other-worldly fountains, gondolas, coracles, dance pose balls, a mirror-like floor, blue-jetted ferris wheels, and a mysterious changing light. In the Underworld, where the performance will take place, flames shoot up from the floor, sconces crackle, and the fountain drips particle sparks from the ceiling like a giant chandelier. It was an NPIRL pick:


Avatar Orchestra performs regularly in Second Life and in mixed reality events at new media, music and visual arts centres in North America, Europe and Asia.


Bingo Onomatopeia
BlaiswDeLaFrance Voom
Carolhyn Wijaya
Gumnosophistai Nurmi
Humming Pera
Free Noyse
Maxxo Klar
North Zipper
Paco MarianiXisuthra Lomu
Zonzo Spyker


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