Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amazing Art Show at the LEA Sandbox this week

^^ my "Requiem for Fukushima Daiichi" at the LEA Sandy

I usually reserve this blog for blowing my own horn, but I am so impressed with the number and quality of the art pieces rezzed at the Linden Endowment for the Arts Sandbox this week, and I know there is just no way that what I want to say will fit into a tweet - so read it here it :)

Exhibiting artists (with apologies to anyone I overlooked - please feel free to add your name in the comment box):
Alizarin Goldflake
Artistide Despres
Betty Tureaud
Daco Monday
DanCoyote Antonelli
Dekka Raymaker
Giovanna Cerise
Laurel Leavitt
Madcow Cosmos
Mimo Vacano
Oberon Onmura
PatriciaAnne Daviau
Pol Jarvinen
Robin Moore

Go have a look here:

I would also like to mention the two pieces that most interested me. Artee (Artistide) has a geometric called AD_GrandeMain (Big Hand) clawing it's way out of the ocean. Disembarking from it like an endless stream of immigrants are particles of Artee's avatar ( I think they are particles) - very clever! Mimo Vacano, someone I am not familiar with, has 5 Kaleidoscope builds that do beautiful morphing textures reminiscent of early Glyph Graves, a real pleasure to look at. Thank you, Mimo!

And thank you to Linden Lab for providing this outlet for Second Life artists.

Alizarin's Links:
DIGITAL ART: Martha Jane Bradford
Web Site:
MJB Blog:
VIRTUAL ART: Alizarin Goldflake (Metaverse avatar of Martha Jane Bradford)
Atelier Alizarin (Second Life studio):
Anza Borrego Oak:
Acquarella:the Fable ( a Chantal Harvey machinima) (Chinese narration)
Metemspyche's Garden:
Requiem for Fukushima Daiichi:
Studio Tour:
The Maze:
The Mysterious Forest:
The Winter Bear:

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