Monday, May 16, 2011

Requiem for Fukushima Daiichi Machinima

A machinima about my immersive art installation "Requiem for Fukushima Daiichi" has just gone up on YouTube. Made in collaboration with my husband, Alfred Ajami, it documents the art, a dramatic build of sinister beauty inspired by the nuclear catastrophe in Japan.

The installation opened Saturday, April 30, in Second Life in the Sky Sculpture Garden at Atelier Alizarin, where it will remain on semi-permanent exhibition. Slurl:
Please feel free to visit anytime.

You can read a thoughtful post titled "Hope in Art" by the incomparable Persia Bravin here Something else auspicious just occurred to me - my "Requiem" is installed in Tenshin-En, my virtual Japanese garden modeled on a RL Japanese garden at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The name, engraved in Japanese characters on the wall behind the stage, means "Heart of Heaven." So the nuclear disaster is cradled in the peace and beauty of the Heart of Heaven.

And these posts from Malburns Writer, who I swear - along with Chrome - never sleeps!

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  1. Ali, this is very lovely and moving. This is wonderful art; expressing something that could just be a blip on many people's "news radar" and transforming it into a poignant, touching and thought-provoking experience that goes beyond mere "data/words" and hopefully spurs thought and compassion.